Angela Buttimer, MS, NCC, LPC, RYT

Angela Buttimer

Dedicating the last 20 years to coaching and counseling executives on the principles of mindfulness and living well, Angela helps CEOs, founders, and C-suite executives build healthy relationships. Through her expertise in Mindful Performance - a blend of business, mindfulness, and peak performance principles - as well as her background in coaching, psychotherapy, and emotional intelligence, Angela helps clients improve mental strength, resilience, productivity, and focus. A featured TEDx speaker, co-authored Inspired: 365 Days of Mindful Mojo and CALM: Choosing to Live Mindfully, and an expert in media outlets on human behavior in the workplace, Angela’s experience in business and psychology, her mindful focus on clients, and her authenticity brings inspiration, pragmatic solutions, and motivation to high achieving executives who want more satisfaction in life and to reach the next level of performance.


Executive Coaching

Leadership Development

Mindful Performance (MP)

Peak Performance

Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence

Wellness, Stress Management, Integrative (MindBody) Medicine

Speaking, Corporate Training, Presentations


Georgia State University, MS Counseling Psychology

Emory University, Certified Coach

Licensed Psychotherapist, LPC

Board Certified National Counselor (NBCC)

Lominger Intermational, Certified Leadership Coach

Linkage, Certified in Organizational Development

Certified in MBTI

UC Berkeley, Certified Meditation Teacher

Yoga of India, Certified Yoga Instructor

TEDx Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Corporate Trainer

Author, CALM: Choosing to Live Mindfully (2011), INSPIRED: 365 Days of Mindful Mojo (2018)


Executives come to me when they want to

Improve their leadership influence and impact

Focus more strategically and for more extended periods

Manage their stress more sustainably.

Build resilience, reliance on gut instinct, and confidence

Elevate executive presence and gravitas

Improve team performance and management

Increase self-awareness and self-confidence (emotional intelligence)

Have composure and calm in crisis and chaos

Improve relationships both personally and professionally

Communicate more effectively

Break unproductive habits and patterns

The way I work is through

A blend of approaches depending on the client’s goals. These can include coaching, counseling, teaching, homework, conversations, role-play, somatic techniques and experiential exercises, mindfulness techniques, mindful performance principles and practices, meditation/yoga, self-mastery/peak performance techniques, working with real-world, present-time issues.

What executive clients can expect from working with me / outcomes

Improved productivity, focus, and mental strength. Reduced stress, greater wellbeing, increased self-awareness and other-awareness, improved mindset and motivation. Enhanced executive presence, gravitas, and image. Practical, sustainable solutions. Better composure and calm during crisis, chaos, and distractions. Better relationships with team members and key stakeholders. Greater inner calm, improved leadership skills, and executive presence, enhanced quality of life, better communication and presentation skills, more engaged teams, a realization of full potential and a sense of self-mastery.

What executives say about working with me

That I am direct, warm, and non-judgmental. I give immediate feedback and work collaboratively. I am relatable, sincere, and provide mindful techniques for practical use in everyday life. I encourage intentional focus. I share techniques so clients can focus on what matters. I am fully present and engaged. I am both process and results-oriented. I honor the trust my clients give me. My goal is to help my clients exceed what they consider as their full potential with expedience and thoroughness.

Why I find this work so gratifying

With the enormous performance expectations on executives, where constant distractions can leave them overstimulated and overextended, regrouping becomes essential. Over the last 20+ years, I’ve been honored to work with so many talented professionals who’ve become the best versions of themselves. I have observed that clients need not sacrifice wellness for success or success for wellness. I am grateful to work with those who strive for peak performance, inner peace and wellbeing.

Length of a typical coaching session and overall engagement

Varies – Depends on the client’s goals. Can be as little as 20 minutes up to a half-day. Special requests for full-day sessions.


Scheduled to allow time for applying new learning and insights; sessions scheduled close enough together to gain traction and sustainability.