Colleen McCarthy, RDN, LDN, CLT 

Colleen Mccarthy

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Massage Therapist, LEAP Therapist, Yoga Teacher, and Holistic Health Coach, Colleen specializes in all things related to GUT health, food sensitivities, eating disorders, and other inflammatory conditions. She views the body as a whole and focuses on resetting the physical body through food recommendations, applying active principles, and integrating the two. She is passionate about helping executives clear the pathway of chronic inflammation, address GI issues, and calm autoimmune diseases so they can more easily access joy, clarity, a sense of physical wellbeing and optimal health.

Areas of specialization: 

Gastrointestinal disorders 

Food Sensitivities 

Autoimmune disease management 

Anti Inflammatory Eating and Wellness 

General healthful eating and wellness 

Eating Disorders 


Life University, BS Dietetics 

Atlanta School of Massage, Massage Therapy Certification 

Certified LEAP Therapist (Adverse Food Reaction Practitioner) 

Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor 

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification 

Reiki Practitioner Level II 

Executives come to me when they want to:

Clear up gastrointestinal/digestive issues 

Address adverse food reactions and calm their immune system. 

Resolve food reactions and lower inflammation in the body. 

Clear Migraines, GERD, Anxiety. 

Improve the way that they feel, through food, so they can fully show up and be their best at work. 

Rid their bodies of feeling sluggish, brain fog and lack of concentration. 

Chronic illness that gets in the way of their work and family. 

Feelings of Restlessness, Irritability, Depression, Anxiety, Mood Swings 

Sinus Pain, Runny Nose, Stuffy Nose, Post Nasal Drip, Sore throat 

Migraine Headaches 

Heartburn or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), Eosinophilic Esophagitis 

Muscle or Joint Pain, Aching, or Stiffness 

General Malaise (feeling lousy), Fatigue, Sleepiness during the day 

Weight Fluctuations Frequently in large quantities. (example, gain 5lbs in 1 night) 

The way I work is through 

I work with clients on educating them on what is happening in their bodies and how food affects these processes. Focusing on gut and immune health, we start by creating an environment of good bacteria and less inflammation in the gut in order for better break down and absorption of nutrients coming in. I have a specific system that I work with each client individually on their specific needs to make this happen. There is a lot of information out there today that needs to be “myth busted” as I always say. I work with clients to unlearn eating and lifestyle habits that have kept them feeling sick and stuck. Together we will work not only on addressing the issues that you may be having with food, but with your attitude towards yourself, your body and outlook upon life as well. We will work on transforming you on every level. This is not just about nutrition; it’s about the whole body, nourishing your whole body, mind, heart. 

Some things that clients can expect to address in my programs are: your patterns of behavior, old belief patterns that are keeping your stuck and how to change them, any nutrient deficiencies or any nutrition related conditions, how to be more present and less reactive, how to take time for yourself even when you are “busy”, the art of letting go and surrendering, cultivating a new relationship with food, gaining massive amounts of self-love and acceptance as well as compassion for others. Ultimately living their life full of happiness, joy, ease and adventure. 

What executives say about working with me 

I listen deeply to my clients. Often clients tell me that they don’t feel heard by most of the practitioners that they see. So I really listen to what they are experiencing. I am very flexible and respectful of the executive lifestyle, pressures, and expectations. I provide sound science and nutrition evidence based research based on information from research and from years of seeing clients and working through successful outcomes. I know life gets crazy sometimes, so working with busy schedules and lifestyles allows my clients to fully show up to their sessions with me. Clients get relief after working with me that they have previously not reached working with general practitioners. My clients understand their bodies and how food and lifestyle affect their overall health and wellbeing. They can carry what they learn working with me through the years of keeping themselves symptom free and living life to the fullest. 

Why I find this work so gratifying 

People today have no idea how much food is impacting their overall health. There is an overwhelm with all the information out there on nutrition and nourishment that we have become paralyzed in how we nourish our bodies. Much of the convenient food sources today are of very little or no nutritional value, AND their immune systems are completely taxed with thus leading to full body pain and upset of the system. I am so grateful to be able to educate and work as a team with my patients on being mindful of the food they are eating and how that might be causing an inflammatory reaction in their bodies causing of these unpleasant symptoms that seem to “come out of the blue”. The amount of stress that is happening in the executive field today, there is no wonder that nourishment takes a back seat, I love that I can bring focus back to this area and create real change. I have seen patients come off their blood pressure, cholesterol, sleep, psoriasis, allergy and pain medication numerous times in my practice. I am grateful to be able to guide patients in removing inflammation coming from food sources, calming their immune system down and teaching them how their body ticks so they feel empowered in taking their health and nourishment into their own hands while at the same time, being able to show up for the busy and stress filled work life fully, feeling clear. 

What executive clients can expect from working with me / outcomes 

Identification of issues with initial self-assessment to determine the best path for healing their gut. From there I help with creating specific recommendations for continued healing and calming inflammation, every client is different and has different needs to improve quality of life and digestive health. I continue to communicate with clients, they have access to me my email and text support, I also work with their physicians, therapist and other practitioners if necessary on an ongoing basis and talk through issues until we come up with a solution for what they are experiencing. I address the entire body, so I work with my clients in teaching them the interconnectedness of the entire body, mind and spirit. My belief is that you cannot address one without addressing the other. They all work together to create whole body health. 

Length of typical coaching session and overall engagement 

The initial consultation with me is an hour long. We talk about what you are experiencing in the moment health wise, we also go over an in-depth medical history, dietary habits and lifestyle habits. Follow up visits are also an hour long and are recorded as I tend to drop a lot of information and practices in those sessions to keep them moving forward. The sessions are recorded to my clients can go back at any time and refresh themselves for years to come. The follow up visits are for continued success, changing any behavioral habits, keeping their spirits up through sometimes, hard lifestyle changes. I am there with them every step of the way through their journey towards better health.