Jennifer Teems Seay, MS, RDN

Jennifer Teems Seay

With a nutrition counseling career focused on digestion and heart health, Jennifer has worked with executives for more than a decade educating and providing insight into mindful eating. With an early career as an in-patient clinical dietitian at Piedmont Hospital, Jennifer’s expertise in healthy gut bacteria as the cornerstone to overall wellness has been life-changing for her clients. A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Jennifer developed a comprehensive program for accurately diagnosing micronutrient imbalances. Her positive approach and passion for helping clients become the healthiest version of themselves have made Jennifer a sought after and highly respected nutritional counselor.

Areas of specialization:

Gastrointestinal disorders 

Heart disease/atherosclerosis

Cholesterol lowering

Blood pressure lowering

General healthful eating and wellness

Family wellness including family meal planning and troubleshooting multiple special diets.

Vegan/vegetarian diets

Low FODMAP diet for GI clients with ongoing intolerance issues


University of Georgia, BS Dietetics 

University of Georgia, MS Nutrition

Registered Dietitian

Executives come to me when they want to 

Overcome gastrointestinal/digestive issues 

Make better food choices for themselves and their family 

Address or reverse pre-diabetes or diabetes, through nutrition 

Lower cholesterol or high blood pressure 

Improve eating habits to “sharpen the saw” and increase productivity in life and work 

Make good dietary choices when travelling or in very busy work seasons 

The way I work is through 

Educating and guiding clients on nutrition topics most relevant to their dietary habits, medical history, and family medical history. Sharing techniques of intuitive/mindful eating including listening to their own bodies. Helping in a positive atmosphere to “unlearn” eating habits that are destructive to mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. I help create new habits and remind my patients that our health is really the sum of our habits. 

What executives say about working with me 

I am flexible and respectful of the executive lifestyle, pressures, and expectations. That I provide science and evidenced based information from research and interpretation of new scientific studies. I work with my client’s busy schedules. I genuinely care about my patients and want them to experience health that lasts a lifetime. 

Why I find this work so gratifying 

People today are getting their nutrition from food sources that are modified with little or no nutritional value. With the amount of stress, distractions and performance expectations on executives, it is understandable that their bodies and responses to everyday situations tend to deteriorate. It has been a wonderful experience the last 10 years to see first-hand the effect that sustainable diet changes have on health. I have seen patients come off their blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes medications due to dietary changes. I am grateful to be able to teach patients that proper nutrition gives focused and sustained energy, mental clarity, and emotional stability. 

What executive clients can expect from working with me / outcomes 

Identification of issues with initial self-assessment to determine the best path for wellness. From there I help with general guidelines of where to begin the journey, including specific recommendations to improve quality of life and digestive health. I continue to communicate with clients, and their physicians if necessary on an ongoing basis and talk through issues until we come up with a solution.