John Fenton MBA, BMC

John Fenton

With a corporate and coaching career spanning nearly 40 years, John has helped hundreds of executives and CEO’s improve their leadership skills, manage stress and become the best version of themselves. An award-winning speaker, author, and Leadership Self-Mastery expert, John’s deep-dive programs generate team collaboration, communication, and solutions for today’s executives. As an athlete with a black belt in Tai Chi, a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and a former Vistage Worldwide Coach, John’s motivating and “take bold action” approach helps leaders achieve success across the globe. He is also the author of “Five Minute Mastery, The Surprising Secrets for Transforming Your Stress to Success and Mastering What’s Important.”


Stress Management


Executive Leadership

Lifestyle Coach

Brain Management Consultant


Tai Chi


University of Miami, MBA Business

University of Miami, BBA Accounting

Member of Forbes Coaches Council

Brain Management Consultant

Vistage Worldwide Speaker 


Executives come to me when they want to

Feel less overwhelmed and depressed with the responsibilities required of them

Feel less anxious by the constant changes in technology

Improve focus and decision making

Enhance ability to manage family life vs. work life

Improve their team management and leadership style

Increase trust between them and their boss 

Better align their life purpose with the work they are doing


The way I work is through

One-on-John™ mentoring, which includes role-playing, coaching exercises, Tai Chi, meditation, balance exercises and self-study.

What executives say about working with me 

I am consistent but fair. I teach them to stay aware and focused on solutions to their obstacles.  I encourage authenticity. I am good at seeing what people really want and tapping into that desire. 

Why I find this work so gratifying 

In my experience, today’s executive has tremendous responsibilities and wears many hats. The pressures they face and the decisions they make can be challenging.  Helping executives improve their leadership and relationship skills, manage stress, become focused and energized, and be authentic continues to be highly gratifying. I’ve coached executives from all walks of life who all have hidden talents and untapped gifts waiting to be discovered. I never tire of seeing others reach their greatest potential and be their best selves.  

What executive clients can expect from working with me / outcomes

A discovery of their inner strength and resilience, improved awareness of their self-limiting beliefs, greater sense of clarity, higher quality personal, family, and professional relationships, improved EQ, inner calm, better leadership among team, and more engaged team members. 

Length of typical coaching session and overall engagement

Coaching sessions can range be 60, 90 or 120 minutes, depending on client goals. Overall engagement can be three months, six months or one year.