Len Rothman, MBA, PCC

Len Rothman

A deeply experienced leadership and transformational coach for C-suite executives, Len helps clients achieve their highest aspirations and take their performance to the next level. Like world-class athletes perform in theZONE and have a Gold Medal mind, Len’s20-plus years of senior leadership experience in corporate and non-profit organizations enables clients to break through performance barriers and function at their highest possible level. Len holds certification by the International Coach Federation as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), is a Master Certified Executive Coach and Trainer, certified in Conversational Intelligence® and a certified Higher Ground Coach. He holds an MBA from Wharton, an MA in Psychology and Organizational Development from the University of West Georgia, and a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Areas of specialization:

Coaching to Live, Work and Lead in Flow

Conversational Intelligence®

Executive and Leadership Impact

Organizational and Team Influence

Diversity and Inclusion Coaching and Training


Wharton Graduate School, MBA

Georgia Institute of Technology, Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

University of West Georgia, MA in Psychology and Organizational Development

International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

Master Certified Executive Coach and Trainer

Certified in Conversational Intelligence®

Certified Higher Ground Coach

Executives come to me when they want to:

Live and lead from a place of flow, not force, to focus on what is important

Master the art and science of goal achievement for exponential outcomes

Strengthen individual and team performance through Conversational Intelligence® 

Improve their ability to lead up, down and across

Develop increased present-moment awareness

Build strong relationships personally and professionally 

Create deep confidence, trust, and loyalty within teams 

What executive clients can expect from working with me / outcomes

Improved leadership development and relationship-building, the foundation of outstanding business and professional results. Growth and development. Questioning skills along with creating the environment for open learning, reflection, and safety. Ability to access the best parts of themselves to meet complex challenges, inspire others and create cultures that do the same.

Through flow coaching clients discover how to engage, organize and accomplish tasks. They have a greater awareness and mobility to navigate distractions and chaos. They learn how to manage mind chatter and self-sabotage through mindfulness and meditation, leading to greater productivity, deeper focus and sense of purpose, improved leadership and communication skills, and reduced stress and anxiety. 

The way I work is through

A variety of approaches that include culture development, leadership and team coaching, identification of innate competencies to leverage for success, and stress management techniques. 

What executives say about working with me 

Len’s “leading as a way of life” program uses all of our intelligences as we live and lead from a place of flow, not force. His tools and techniques allow me to organically expand my connections and improve my agility to come back to flow to fully focus on what’s important.He has a unique gift for generating powerful exchanges through compelling questions and deep listening. Through his commitment to my aspiration and goals, I have experienced a mindset shift and the embodiment of a different way of working.His ability to guide to the right questions is unparalleled, and his ability to create results is amazing.

Why I find this work so gratifying 

With the acceleration of change, chaos and distractions, senior executives experience shifts in the market and the expectation to deliver over-the-top results.  A generation of burned out executives has become the norm.  Over the last 20 years, I have witnessed the transformation of numerous exhausted executives into productive, energized, and focused contributors. Coaching executives to become their very best and perform at their highest possible level has been the most rewarding work of my life. 

Length of typical coaching session and overall engagement

Varies – Depends on client’s needs and goals. Typical first session is approximately 60 minutes. 


Varies depending on the need.  Initially might be weekly sessions and less as principals are applied.