Pat Jones, APRN

Pat Jones

A widely recognized expert in behavioral therapy, Pat has been coaching executives for more than 20 years providing insight around key executive issues. Her critically-acclaimed work on advanced behavioral therapy and its effectiveness in leadership, career, and life management have been featured in journals, publications, and major media outlets. Noted for her dynamic approach, Pat brings a unique combination of experience as both a mental health professional and executive coach. She holds a Bachelor of Science and Master’s degrees in nursing with post-graduate studies in Adult Psychiatry and Mental Health Nursing. Also, Pat is a member of several nursing and counselor associations and is an active contributor to numerous civic initiatives.

Areas of specialization

Stress management utilizing the most up to date and researched techniques

Habit development for better health including relaxation, tension reduction through meditation and mindfulness and exercise 

Crisis management

Depression, anxiety, chronic worry and relationship issues.

Overload and overstimulation from technology

Management of negative emotions. 


Reframing stress as not necessarily negative but a potential asset for performance.


Advanced Practice RN (APRN)

Board Certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC)

Licensed by the State of Georgia as a Psychiatric Advanced Practice Nurse.

Professional Nursing Diploma-Scott and White Memorial Hospital

Georgia State University-BS and Master’s in Nursing. Post-graduate in Adult Psychiatry and Mental Health Nursing.

Sigma Theta Tau

International Honor Society for Nurses

American Psychiatric Nurses Association

International Association of Psychiatric Liaison Nurses

American Nurses Association

International Association of Counselors and Therapists


Executives come to me when they want to:

Better manage their stress at work and home

Improve management of crisis situations

Manage alcohol intake and other potentially addictive problems.

Handle more effectively the overage of negative emotions including anger, irritability, frustration with the off shoot of difficulty in relationships with peers, employees and family

Better manage symptoms of depression and anxiety  

Enhance self-awareness and mindfulness.

Achieve more work life balance 

What executive clients can expect from working with me

Improved work life balance through applying the latest stress management research and techniques. A deeper understanding of the mind-body connection in the stress response and how management of stress not only enhances a sense of wellbeing and good health but also longevity. Better performance in dealing with the stressors that high achieving executives deal with in balancing work and home life. Improved relationships. Overall feeling more adept at managing the stress of life and work.

The way I work is through

Looking at current and past stress levels. Applying the latest research and teaching materials. Identifying areas that would best fit the executive’s needs for work-life balance. Developing an action plan that can be implemented immediately and followed up with additional techniques inclusive of mindfulness and reprogramming negative thinking habits. Sharing insights on the neuroplasticity of the brain and how it enables better self-management where overload and stress are concerned.

What executives say about working with me

That I am an excellent therapist and teacher at not only explaining why stress management is so important to overall health and wellness, but in providing techniques that can be easily incorporated into daily life to reframe stress as a positive influence. That I utilize my medical and psychological background to thoroughly assess and make recommendations on the direction clients need to go to increase their overall wellbeing and performance as top level executives. 

Why I find this work so gratifying 

Helping people reach their full capacity in the area of stress management is gratifying to me because it helps my clients live a more full, healthy and happy life. I have been utilizing both my medical and psychological background for over 20 years, and I continuously explore the latest information in the area of mind body medicine. I find it so rewarding to impart that information to my clients, especially top executives whose mental/emotional health is the most important aspect of their performance.

Length of typical coaching session and overall engagement

Each session will be between 45-60 minutes with targeted completion in 90 days.


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Worked with

Orkin and Associates

Mimms Enterprises

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